10 Hilarious Videos of Dogs Wearing Shoes

10 Hilarious Videos of Dogs Wearing Shoes

Piper McGee

Just because dogs have natural pads, doesn't mean they don't need shoes or boots. Some of these dogs don't seem to love wearing shoes at first, but they are not being harmed in any way by wearing them!


Here are 10 hilarious videos of dogs wearing boots for the first time.


1) Boxer in Shoes


2) Coconut Wears Shoes


3) Funny Dogs in Shoes Compilation


4) Booba's First Shoes


5) Winston's First Shoes


6) Trouble with Shoes But Gets Used to Them


7) Funny Dogs Wearing Shoes

8) Dog in Boots Compilation

9) Cats and Dogs Wearing Shoes (Funny Compilation)


10) Dogs in Boots Compilation