Does your dog chew on your furniture, socks, slippers, electrical wires, shoes, tables or you?


If your dog likes to chew on things that you don't want him or her to then Grannicks Bitter Apple spray is the way to go.


This 100% natural and safe to use spray is easy to use. You just spray it on whatever your dog is chewing that you don't want him to and watch him run!


No more chewed up slippers or wires...it's like Kryptonite for chewers!


This bitter apple spray is the only product that we carry that the more your dog hates it the more you'll love it.


Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray Details:

  • Works great for puppy training
  • 100% all natural safe ingredients won't harm your dog
  • Spray on table legs, shoes, slippers, wires and whatever else you can think of




Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray (For Dog That Chew)

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