1999 2499

This dual attachment for the Gismo dog walking device allows you to use your Gismo device with 2 dogs at the same time.


But it's way easier than holding 2 leashes...


Walk 2 dogs with 1 hand - The Gismo dual leash attachment allows you to walk with 2 dogs weighing up to 85lbs each...and with only 1 hand!


No tangled mess - The unique carabiner system rotates in several places. This means that the leashes that are attached can spin and rotate freely without getting tangled.


Ultimate comfort for sore hands - You simply have to try the Gismo device out to believe how comfortable and easy to use it is.


The I'm Gismo leash holder system is great if:

  • You have sore hands
  • You have sore shoulders
  • Your dogs pull and jerk
  • You want a free hand when walking your dog
  • You want to walk your dog in comfort
  • You don't want to carry poop bags with you (it holds them for you)

And more....


I'm Gismo Dual Leash Attachment (Gismo Device Not Included)
1999 2499

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