The Easy Way to Walk Your Dog, Guaranteed!

Do you get jerked around when your dog lunges at another dog or other animal?

Do you wish you could hold on to your pulling dog with confidence?

Do your hands or shoulders hurt and your pulling dog makes them worse?

If you even thought about saying yes to those questions then you are missing out by not having a Gismo dog walking device.

This Gismo is a lot more than a fancy looking thing you attach a leash to. It does a bunch of stuff that truly makes walking your dog a lot easier.

We could go on and on... 

If you on the fence about getting a Gismo dog leash holder here are a bunch of reasons that you are going to love it!

  • Are you tired of walking your dog with your hands full of keys, poop bags, leashes, flashlights, treats, the kitchen sink...etc?
  • Would you like to hold on to your dog with confidence?
  • Would a flashlight that can be used as a distress signal make you feel safer while on your walks at night?
  • Would you like to be able to walk your dog with one hand so you can have a free hand for coffee, tea or your dinner?
  • Do you have a dog that pulls and hurts your hand or gives you hand fatigue?
  • Do you have arthritic hands or shoulders and a pulling dog makes them feel worse?
  • Do you walk with a fanny pack full of treats for your dog?
  • Do you enjoy carrying a bag of your dog's poop in your hand when you walk?

The Gismo dog walking / leash holder will either solve these common dog walking problems or make them possible. 

Choose the add-on flashlight for nighttime safety or the dual leash attachment add-on to attach treats right to the device.

If you are a visual person there's a video below showing you what Gismo can do...don't just take our word for it, see for yourself below.


I'm Gismo Ergonomic Dog Walking Device

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