Increases compliments by 432%

Cuter than a bugs ear and guaranteed to make your feet happy. You're about to own a pair of socks that your friends will wish they were as bold as you!

But these adorable dachshund print socks are just for you...

Let's be honest...you deserve to have something nice once in a while. It's time to give your feet a break from wearing those boring old socks you have now and step into something a bit more exotic!

The only dachshund themed socks guaranteed to make your feet happier!


  • WE PAY SHIPPING - So you have more money for the finer things
  • Made of 100% sock material for maximum relaxation of your feet   
  • Fits most human feet
  • Pick from a bunch of colors...they're all guaranteed to be cute
  • Fixes cold feet problems
  • Not made from real dachshunds
  • For women or men
  • Medium weight so they are soft and comfy but won't bind up on you
  • Bright colors so people can be jealous of you from far away
  • They stay in place so you don't have to be angry at them all day like other lame socks

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Dachshund Socks for Doxie Lovers

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