Increases cute factor of any dog on a walk by 233% 


If you are sick and tired of boring dog leashes then this is the most important information you'll ever read!

Ok...maybe not

But if you're a lover dachshunds then this leash is a must-have. 

You could say it's just a leash, but you'd be wrong. It's a leash with wiener dogs on it, and that automatically makes it better than any other leash in the world.


And if you already have one of our Doxie Love nylon collars then you simply can't live without it. 

  • WE PAY SHIPPING - Because we know you need that extra money for coffee 
  • 4 foot length so your dog can't run away with the neighbors dog
  • Wiener dog print means you're better than other dog owners just for having it
  • Made from leash material so strong it will tow a very small car (but please don't try)


Doxie Love Leash for Dachshund Lovers

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