See How Easily You Can Walk Your Dog With This Easy On, Soft and Comfy Y-Harness

Have you tried lots of dog harnesses but found that most of them...

  • Are very hard and confusing to put on your dog?
  • Do not fit your dog well?
  • Rub your dog's skin raw?

You and your best dog will love this soft padded Easy Fit Y-Harness guaranteed or your money back. No questions asked.

It's that simple. Try it and if you don't love it we don't want you to keep it.

A lot of dog harnesses are a hassle to put on and dogs hate wearing them.

The easy-on Y-harness is not like other harnesses. 

It goes on quick and easy, and fits snug and secure. If you have a dog that loves to get out of harnesses, he will have a hard time getting out of this one.

It's EASY and fast to put on your dog...


Unlike most step-in dog harnesses that are confusing to put on, it goes on in a few seconds and stays snug on your dog.


It also works great for car rides!


Taking your dog to the vet or groomer is stressful for a lot of dogs. They get nervous and jump and climb all over the car.


It’s not safe for dogs to be unrestrained in a moving car!


With the Easy Fit Y-Harness you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Clip a seatbelt attachment to the harness and secure your best friend once and for all!


The padded design keeps them secure and safe from moving around while you drive and keeps them off your lap (which can cause accidents).


When you get to the destination, just unhook the seat belt attachment and attach any standard leash and you’re ready to walk in seconds.


If you’re still not sure if the Easy On Y-Harness is perfect for your dog here are some of the most common questions that will help you decide.


If you still haven't made up your mind about this harness here's a few more reasons why you're gonna love it.

  • Velvety soft fleece padding so your dog is comfortable and relaxed 
  • Headache-free easy on design so you don't have to spend all week putting it on (it goes on in a few seconds)
  • 4 dazzling colors so your dog will look his or her best while out patrolling the block
  • Non-flavored so your dog shouldn't want to eat it
  • WE PAY SHIPPING so that you don't have any scary surprises at checkout (we hate those too)
  • Reflective stitching can be seen from space (well...the space near you anyway) 

 Need help picking a size?


If you aren't sure what size will work best for your dog  contact us for help!

Scroll down for how to measure & sizing chart

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Easy On Y-Harness

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