The Flavorit flavor infused chew bone / toy is a tough nylon flavored chew toy that is for aggressive chewers.


So if you have a dog that loves to chew on the furniture, pillows and whatever else he/she shouldn't be chewing on then it's time to try something that is made to chew.


The Flavorit chew bone for aggressive chewers has a few benefits that you won't find with other types of nylon chew toys.


First, these nylon bones are infused with flavor (available in 6 dog friendly flavors) so your dog will be going nuts for them. 


They have little "treat cells" that you can fill with any spreadable treat that your dog loves for more excitement!

The little flavor pockets hold a small amount of spreadable goodness for your dog but not so much that he or she will get a lot of extra calories. 


And if you don't want to add anything to them that's OK too, because dogs go wild over the 6 delicious flavors. So give it to your dog plain or with a bit of peanut butter spread on and watch him stay occupied quietly for a while!


Flavorit nylon bones come in 4 sizes for all sizes of chewer in your house.


Which size is best for your dog?


Small Flavorit - Recommended for dogs up to 15lbs

Medium Flavorit - Recommended for dogs up to 30lbs

Large Flavorit - Recommended for dogs up to 50lbs

Extra Large Flavorit - Recommended for dogs up to 80lbs


Biggest Benefits of the Flavorit Flavor Infused Chew Bone:

  • Chewing on non-edible bones like the Flavorit Barkbone helps clean your dogs teeth
  • They are NON-TOXIC so they are safe for your dog to enjoy anytime
  • They are NON-ALLERGENIC and FDA compliant to be safe for your dog
  • Encourages healthy chewing and discourages destructive chewing 
  • The infused flavoring is human grade and safe for your dog


Flavorit Flavor Infused Chew Toy

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