Look out moms of other dogs and humans, because you are a dachshund mom and you've got something to say! 

Say it with this warm-as-fresh-apple-pie hooded sweatshirt and tell those other dog moms to move out of your way.

You already know that being a doxie mom makes you happy, but you have no idea how happy this sweatshirt can make you until you put it on.

It's like a magical blanket (or hoodie) that warms your heart and your body while making those around jealous at your sense of style.

It's time that you treated yourself to this one of a kind, not sold in any store dachshund mom delight.

  • WE PAY SHIPPING - Because we know that shipping charges are a ripoff!
  • Made from 100% new sweatshirt material (not from old dirty ones either)
  • Designed, made & shipped right from the USA so you'll be wearing it fast

Happiness is Being a Dachshund Mom

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