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Limited Time Only - FREE Matching Leash With Every Harness ($9.99 value per leash) + WE PAY SHIPPING ($5 value)

You read that right...we are adding a FREE MATCHING LEASH to every order because we think your dog should have a matching outfit!

Each leash sells normally for $9.99 so if you get 2 harnesses you'll get $20 in FREE matching leashes..

But when they are gone this sale is over!


Hi fur mama or dad,

What’s the issue with your current dog harness?

Too confusing to put on or takes too long?

Your dog hates it?

It fell apart after just a few uses?

It rubs her/his skin raw?

Too bulky?

I’m gonna tell you how the “8 second harness” can solve these problems for you fast in a minute.

But first let me tell you why we call it the 8 second harness.


Because it will only take you about 8 seconds or less to put on your dog.


It’s THAT EASY to use!


There’s no awkward holes to have to force your dog’s legs through or a bunch of straps that will get tangled up on you.

All you do is slip the chest piece over their head, wrap the body piece around your dog and fasten.

It’s as easy as tripping over a log in the dark

Happy dog, happy you, zero effort!

But don’t take our word for it…

We get letters from nice folks just like you all the time telling us how much of a difference the 8 second harness made for them.

They say their dog didn’t like wearing other harnesses but loved wearing ours.They say it’s “easy as pie” to put on. Some even say it’s the only harness their dog will wear.

Want proof?

Head down to the bottom of this page and you’ll see a small sample of the positive feedback we get all the time about this harness.

We understand you’ve had it up to here with buying dog harnesses that don’t work or that your dog doesn’t like.

So here are a bunch of reasons that the 8 second harness will work great for you.


  • WE PAY SHIPPING so you have more money left over to get one of those fancy coffee’s or some dog treats
  • Quick fit system so you don’t need to be a scientist with loads of free time to get it on your dog
  • 60 day no-questions-asked guarantee so if you or your dog don’t like it, we don’t want your money
  • Personalized sizing help by phone so if you are not comfortable ordering by computer call us up and we’ll help you pick the best size for your dog
  • FREE exchanges - If we help you by phone and it doesn’t fit then we’ll pay your return shipping AND we’ll send the right size to you FREE
  • Pillow soft mesh so your dog is as happy as a dog named Bingo winning at Bingo!



Quick Measure Guide:  

1) Measure around your dogs chest (at the widest part)

Example: If you measure your dogs chest and it is 17" around then you would order an XS size. 


Sizing Chart 





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2199 3599

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