1999 2999

For the dog lover that needs more room for cash and cards than you can shake a stick at without being boring!


If you are the shy type, this isn't the wallet for you. It's so colorful and unique people are going to stop you and want to know where you got it.

What else can we really say about this wallet?

It's the most awesome wallet we carry and when you are whipping it out at the store people are going to notice how hip and cool you are for having it.

And it has dogs on it!

You already know dogs are 4-legged bundles of happiness that make our days and nights 387% better.

So you'll automatically have a better day when you are carrying this colorful and super neato wallet around with you.

OH...and it has a ton of room for your credit cards and cash, but we both know the best part about this wallet is how great it's going to make you look, and how jealous it will make your friends feel :) 


 6 Fun Reasons You Need to Own This Wallet Today!


  • Made from leather that is not from a cow or any other animal 
  • Fixes the age old problem of lost credit cards and cash instantly
  • 94.2% chance that people will stop you when you take it out and want to tell you how great you look carrying it
  • 100% fat free
  • Not to be used to store millions of dollars in blackjack chips from the casino
  • Guaranteed to have dogs on it




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Stylish Designer Wallet for Dog Lovers
1999 2999

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