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Dog Crate Size Calculator

Dog Crate Size Calculator

How to Use the Dog Crate Size Calculator


Thinking about getting a dog crate for your best buddy?  


There are several compelling reasons to consider it:

  1. Potty Training Aid: If you're welcoming a puppy into your home, a dog crate can be an invaluable tool for potty training.
  2. A Safe Haven: Dogs often seek out isolated spaces when they're scared or need a peaceful spot to rest. A crate can provide a secure and cozy den for your pet.
  3. Travel Companion: Crates are not only handy during travel but are often required for air travel with your dog.
  4. Supervision and Peace of Mind: When you can't be there to supervise your pup, a crate ensures their safety and keeps your mind at ease.

Ultimately, the decision to get a dog crate is yours to make. 


However, it's crucial to ensure that the crate you choose is the right size for your canine companion. 


Our dog crate size calculator can help you determine the ideal dimensions for your dog's comfort and safety.


How big should a dog crate be?

The perfect dog crate is one where your dog can comfortably:

  • Stand up without crouching.
  • Turn around with ease.
  • Lie down with stretched-out legs.

But it's essential to strike the right balance—your crate shouldn't be too large, especially for a puppy still learning to control its bladder and behavior. 


Use our dog crate size calculator to find the perfect kennel size that suits your dog's needs.


How to measure a dog for a crate?

Measuring your dog for a crate is a straightforward process:

  1. Measure the Height: With your dog sitting, measure from the ground to the top of their head or, if they have pointy ears, to the tips of their ears.

  2. Measure the Length: With your dog standing, measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail.


To ensure the perfect fit, add 2 to 4 inches to these measurements. These dimensions will guide you to the ideal dog kennel size.


Keep reading to discover more about selecting a crate for a puppy and using our dog size calculator to anticipate their future growth.



How big should a puppy crate be?


When it comes to getting a crate for your puppy, size matters! You want your pup to feel comfy inside. 


So, your puppy should be able to stand up, turn around, and lay down without feeling squished. Give them a bit of extra room to grow by adding 2-4 inches to each measurement.


Now, here's a rough idea of crate sizes based on how much your pup might weigh when they're all grown up:

  • If they'll be under 20 pounds as an adult, think about a crate that's around 17" x 12".
  • For those in the 20-30 pounds range when grown, consider a crate that's about 22" x 18".
  • If they'll be between 30-40 pounds as adults, go for a crate measuring roughly 28" x 18".
  • And if your pup is going to be a big one, around 40-70 pounds, a crate about 34" x 23" should work.

When in doubt, it's usually better to go a bit bigger. 


You can always use a divider to make the crate smaller while your puppy is still growing.


Here are some things to look for when choosing a crate:

  • Make sure it's sturdy and has a secure door.
  • A crate with a removable tray makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Avoid crates with wire floors since they can be uncomfortable for puppies.
  • Pick a crate that suits your puppy's current size and can accommodate their future size.
  • Find a quiet spot in your home for the crate, where your puppy can feel safe and cozy.

Once you've got the right crate, it's time for crate training. 


Here are some tips to make it a positive experience:

  • Start by feeding your puppy in the crate to create a positive association.
  • Add their favorite toys and comfy bedding to make the crate inviting.
  • Gradually close the crate door for short periods while your puppy is inside, increasing the time slowly.
  • Remember, never use the crate as a form of punishment.

With a little patience and consistency, you'll help your puppy see their crate as a comfy, safe place they'll love!

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