What dog foods have been recalled recently?

What dog foods have been recalled recently?

When it comes to our best little buddies, we spare no expense to ensure their well-being. 

They visit the vet, get regular exercise, and receive endless love and cuddles. 

But are we being as vigilant about their food?

The Declining Number of Recalls: Not a Good Sign?


Recalls in pet food are not something we want to see, but they do indicate a level of oversight. In 2018, there were 36 different pet food recalls, taking over 93.5 million pounds of product off the shelves. 

These recalls ranged from pathogenic bacteria to excess thyroid hormone.

Fast forward to 2022, and we saw only six recalls. The year 2023 is almost halfway over, and there have been just two recalls so far. 

The causes? 

Excess Vitamin D and mislabeling. 

That's it.

Unanswered Questions

This drastic reduction in recalls begs some serious questions. Is the FDA easing its monitoring of the pet food industry? 

Are pet owners neglecting to report illnesses to the FDA, or are manufacturers keeping issues quiet? 

We don't have definitive answers, but it's clear that something is off.

How to Protect Your Pet

If you ever suspect that your pet's food might be causing an illness, don't just report it to the manufacturer. 

Make sure to report it to the FDA and your state Department of Agriculture as well. 

Doing so makes your report an official record, rather than a potentially hidden secret when reported only to the manufacturer.

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