See How Easily You Can Walk Your Dog With This Easy On, Soft and Comfy Y-Harness

$ 20.99
  • Where is your sizing chart?

  • What size should I get?

  • Will you help me pick a size?

  • Are these good for puppies?

  • I've been disappointed in other harnesses. How will I know this one will work for me?

  • What if I order the wrong size or it doesn't fit?

  • Is this harness OK to leave on 24 hours a day?

  • What is your "Beyond Thrilled" guarantee?

  • Is your ordering process secure?

  • So you won't sell my information?

  • Will my dog escape from it?

  • Can the harness be washed?

  • Will the straps stay adjusted?

  • Will this harness work with other animals?

  • How do I attach the Easy Fit Y-Harness to seat belt?

  • Why use a dog harness instead of a collar?

  • Can a dog harnesses cause chafing?

  • Can a dog harness be used on a cat or pig?

  • What if my dog is afraid of the harness?

  • Should a dog harness be tight?

  • Is the Easy On Y-Harness escape proof?