Dachshund Harness

Quick Fitting Harness adjustable

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    Have you tried a lot of dog harnesses that didn’t work? Were they too hard to put on? Or maybe your dog just didn’t like wearing it?
    Introducing the the dog harness that goes on in 8 seconds or less. Once you’ve put the 8 second harness on your dog you’ll discover how easy it is to walk your dog finally.
    Why do dog owners feel like they’ve finally found a harness that they can use? Simple...because the 8 second harness is easy to put on. NO FUSS!
    You will not have a hard time putting the 8 second harness on!
    Some harnesses have 3, 4, 5 or more spots that you need to wrap all around your dog and click together and snap to put on. Some of them are so confusing looking that even when you put it on right you still aren’t sure if it’s on right or not.
    Not anymore!
    What are your dog walks like now?
    Do you dread getting out that clunky harness that you use now and messing with it for a few minutes just so you can take your dog for a walk?
    Do you spend a few minutes fussing with it (and putting it on wrong a few times) until you finally get it on and are ready to enjoy a walk with your best friend? By this time you and your dog are both frustrated and may not enjoy your time together as much as you could.
    If you are like we were then you may even avoid walking your dog as much as you’d like to (or need to) just because you don’t want to get frustrated with another type of harness.
    Now when it’s time to take your best friend for a walk you’ll feel confident that everything will be easy. The days of worrying about if you can figure out how to get the harness on the dog the right way are now over!
    But don’t take our word for it...hear what happy dog owners are saying
    Why do dogs love walking so much?
    Your dog doesn’t want to sit in the house all day and do nothing. He or she wants to get out in the fresh air and get some much needed exercise. An exercised dog is a happy dog!
    But what your dog doesn’t love is when a harness doesn’t fit them right or is so hard for you to put on them that it takes a long time. Your dog just wants to go and have fun...not sit and fuss with a complicated harness.
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