Get the Scoop on Fresh Cooked Human Grade Dog Food: Your Little Buddy Deserves the Best

Get the Scoop on Fresh Cooked Human Grade Dog Food: Your Little Buddy Deserves the Best

Your Dog’s Health is Directly Tied to Their Diet

Just like us humans, what your fur baby eats greatly impacts their health and well-being.


Feeding them low-quality, store-brand pet food may not just result in an unhappy pup—it could also lead to long-term health issues.


The Hidden Dangers of Store-Brand Pet Foods

  • Artificial Additives: Many store brands use artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These can contribute to health issues like digestive problems and even cancer.
  • High in Fillers: Ingredients like corn, soy, and wheat are often used to bulk up the food but offer little to no nutritional value.
  • Source of Bad Fats: Too many bad fats and not enough good ones can lead to obesity and heart problems.

In a nutshell, if you wouldn't eat it, why should your little buddy? Your dog deserves the best, and that starts with what's in their food bowl.

Why Traditional Dog Foods Just Don't Cut It

  • Lack of Essential Nutrients: Your best buddy needs a balanced diet. Many commercial dog foods lack the nutrients they need.
  • Low-Quality Ingredients: Ever wonder what's really in that dog food bag? Spoiler: It’s not gourmet.
  • Allergies: Does your little buddy scratch more than usual? Low-quality food may be to blame.
  • Misleading Marketing: Words like "natural" and "premium" don't always mean what you think they do.
  • Recalls: Imagine finding out the food you’ve been feeding your pup is harmful. Unfortunately, this happens more than you think.

How Fresh Cooked Human Grade Dog Food Fixes Everything

Many pet parents think that feeding your dog human grade food is too expensive or takes too much effort.


With all of the recalls that have been going on and the disgusting way that many commercial pet foods are made, it's time to take another look at high quality dog food to decide if it's really “too expensive” for your best friend.


Some benefits of human-grade pet food:

  • Rich in Nutrients: Human grade food has all the essentials—no more supplement juggling!
  • High-Quality, Human Grade Ingredients: Exactly what it sounds like—food good enough for you is good enough for them.
  • Allergy-Free Bliss: Real ingredients mean fewer allergies. Your pup will thank you.
  • Transparency You Can Trust: No misleading labels here, only the best for your fur baby.

FAQ: What You Need to Know

Can I Feed My Dog Human Food Instead of Dog Food?

  • Absolutely, as long as it's balanced and safe! Pet Plate's fresh cooked dog food blends are designed to provide all the nutrients your dog needs.

Is Fresh Cooked Food Good for Dogs?

  • You bet your wagging tail it is! Fresh cooked food is easier to digest and much more delicious—your pup will feel the difference after eating Pet Plate designed and cooked foods.

Make the Switch Today and Witness the Transformation!

Don’t let your little buddy suffer from the pitfalls of low-grade dog food. 


Make the switch to Fresh Cooked Human Grade Dog Food from Pet Plate and never look back!


Click Here to Give Your Fur Baby the Best!

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