What you Don't Know About Dog Collars May Shock You

What you Don't Know About Dog Collars May Shock You

Did you know that there are some injuries in dogs that may be caused by a traditional collar?

If you use a collar for your dog while on walks this post is for you. 

Dog collars have many uses. They are a place to attach your dog's ID tag. They are a fashion accessory.
And many of us use them to attach a leash to.
If you use a dog collar to walk your dog then you will want to read this article.
Dog collars as an accessory or identification are fine. But when it comes to walking your dog you may want to look at the alternatives.
Some experts believe that there are some serious injuries that your dog can get from using a collar.
And it makes sense.
One expert, Dr. Peter Dobias says that the neck and cervical spine in dogs are one of the most important factors in your dog's health.
The nerves of the front legs and the nerves that control vital internal organs originate from the cervical spine.
Some of the health issues he's seen that stem from neck injuries are:
  • Lameness
  • Skin issues
  • Allergies
  • Lung problems
  • Heart problems
  • Digestive issues
  • Ear / eye conditions
  • Thyroid gland issues
...and more
So do dog collars 100% cause these issues? Experts don't know this for sure yet.
But some experts like Dr. Dobias believe there is a strong connection between collars and some health issues in dogs.
So how do some of these injuries happen?
Eye and Ear Injuries
This one is pretty easy to understand. When your dog pulls on his or her leash, blood and lymphatic flow to the head get compromised.
So it makes sense that a collar, which can cut off circulation to the area, could cause harm to your dog in several ways.
Dr. Dobias says he has seen direct relationships between neck injuries and your dog's health.


This of course can lead to your dog having eye and ear issues.
Excessive licking & foreleg lameness
When your dog pulls on his or her collar too much it can cause nerve problems. These nerve issues can lead to numbness in their legs.
When this happens, the dog may start licking his/her paws more than normal.
Whiplash or neck trauma
It's not shocking to see that your dog can become injured from running fast and jerking on his collar.
Your dog doesn't know when the leash ends, he or she wants to run free! But when the leash ends, your dog has a chance of severe neck injury.
So what can you do?
One solution is a simple harness. Dog harnesses are available in any style, color and shape you can think of these days.
They range in size from large to small and simple to fancy. But the most important part is that dog harnesses may reduce the chance of injuries like the ones above.
Because a harness does not attach all around the neck, the pressure isn't right on their neck and throat.
Not only can harnesses reduce the chance of injury, but they can give you more control while you are walking with your dog.
If you want to see a great no-pull harness, check out the one below. It's a quick-fit harness and has awesome reflective stitching for those night walks you and your dog enjoy so much.
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