Dachshund Collars - What's The Best Collar For a Dachshund?

Dachshund Collars

What is the best collar for a dachshund? Learn about collars for dachshunds and which one is best for your little buddy. 

Dachshund collar with dachshund print


Dachshund Collars FAQ

Q: What is the best collar for a dachshund?

A: This depends on your dachshund and how he or she is with a collar. Dachshunds that pull on the leash may hurt themselves with a traditional collar. Pulling too hard on the leash while wearing a collar could cause choking or other throat injuries.


Q: What size collar does a dachshund need?

A: To find the best size collar for your dachshund click below to shop for any of our dachshund collars. On the collar page you will find a dachshund size chart, which will work for any mini or standard sized dachshund. Just measure the dachshund neck size and use the measurement to find the matching size on the chart for the best fit.


Q: Should I get a dachshund harness or collar?

A: For every day walking, the best is to get a dachshund harness. A good dachshund specific harness will prevent throat injury from pulling if your dog is a heavy puller on the leash. 

If your doxie doesn't pull much then a collar will work fine. Even if you are going to use a harness for your doxie, it is always recommended to use a dachshund dog collar to hold your dog's ID tags. 

With both a collar and harness on your doxie you can double hook them so that if your little buddy gets out of the harness the collar is still connected for safety.


Q: Do you have a collar for a mini dachshund?

A: Yes we do. Our dachshund print collar is perfect for a mini dachshund or a standard sized doxie. Just measure your dog or her weiner dog collar and use the sizing chart.


Q: Do you have dachshund collars and leashes too?

A: Yes, we have doxie collars and leashes to match. Our most popular one is our dachshund print collar and dachshund love matching leash.





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