Looking for a dachshund harness? The best harness for dachshunds is one that is easy to put on and holds your little best friend snug and secure.

Our mini dachshund harness is not just for small dachshunds. It works great for a standard sized dachshund as well as other breeds of small to medium dog.

There are a lot of types of dog harnesses for dachshunds available but only our quick fitting style is the best harness for dachshunds and other small breed dogs.


To get the best fit for your dachshund or any dog use the harness sizing guide below. Most dachshunds and other small breeds use an x small or xx small dog harness.


Most dachshunds and small breeds do not wear anything larger than a small harness, but a standard dachshund weighing around 30lbs may require a medium sized harness.

Dachshund Dog Harness Sizing Guide:

Dachshund harness sizing chart




Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dachshund Harness:

Q: What size harness for a dachshund?

A: The size harness your dachshund will need will depend on their chest (girth) measurement. For sizing instructions see the section below on how to measure your dachshund for a harness. Most miniature dachshunds that wear our harness wear an XXS, XS or small size harness. Standard dachshunds can wear a medium size depending on the chest measurement.

Q: Which harness is best for dachshunds?

A: The best harness for a dachshund is one that will fit them snug and secure without putting any strain on their back. There are many styles of dachshund harnesses to choose from, so the best one for your weiner dog will be a matter of personal taste and your dog’s shape and size

Q: I need a no pull dog harness for dachshunds. Is this harness “no pull”?

A: If your dachshund pulls on leash then most likely this is a training issue and not a harness issue. The best way to get your dachshund to stop pulling while walking with a harness and leash is to work with them to not pull you. There is not a harness that will stop a pulling dog from pulling on the leash without doing some basic training.

Q: What is the best car harness for dachshunds?

A: If you plan on taking your dachshund in the car using a harness you want one that is secure. For riding in the car we recommend this Y-shaped harness (pictured below) for best results. Our Y-shape dachshund harness will hold your dachshund securely for the car ride.

Q: Do dachshunds need a special harness?

A: There are many types of dog harnesses available. Some will work great for dachshunds and some won’t. The best type of harness for a dachshund is one that will fit great and will not irritate them. Dachshunds are prone to having back problems so making sure the back is supported, or not under any extra stress is a good start when shopping for a good harness.

Q: Is a collar or a harness better for a dachshund?

A: A harness is usually the better choice for walking with your dachshund. Collars can work in many cases but this will depend on your dog specifically. A dachshund that does not pull on leash should not have any issues wearing a collar for walks. A dachshund that pulls on the leash may benefit more from a harness. 

Q: Do you have a dachshund harness and lead set? 

A: Yes we do! You can add a matching leash to any of our harnesses and receive a discount when buying them both at the same time. All of our harnesses and leashes can be color matched for the perfect walking outfit for your dog.

Q: Is your dachshund harness escape proof?

A: The short answer is no. For many dogs, there is not any such thing as an “escape proof harness” unfortunately. Dogs are fast and resourceful. A dog that wants to escape from any harness will usually not have any trouble getting out of one. The best way to ensure your dachshund doesn’t try to escape from his or her harness is to make sure it fits properly and also that he likes wearing it. A dog won’t have any reason to try and escape from a comfortable dog harness that fits properly.

Q: Will it work as a mini dachshund harness?

A: Yes! Our harness works for mini dachshunds, standard dachshunds and many other breeds of small dog like chihuahua, beagle and many more.

Q: Do you have any dachshund harness videos?

A: Yes we do. You can see some video of our dachshunds wearing their harness and walking with it below

Q: Is your dachshund harness puppy friendly?

A: Yes, our harness works great on dachshund puppies, youngsters and adults. As long as you measure your dog correctly and get a good fit for them it doesn’t matter what your dog’s age is.

Q: Do you have an XXS dachshund harness?

A: Our harness comes in the following sizes to fit most any dachshund or any other breed of dog. XXS, XS, small and medium. Most dachshunds do not need a harness larger than a small with the exception fo a standard dachshund that may wear a medium in some cases.

Q: Is this dachshund harness mesh lined or some other material?

A: The inner part of the harness that rests up against your dog’s skin is a mesh material. This allows for breathing and cooling. The material is very light, which is why most dachshunds love wearing it on walks.

Q: What size harness for a standard dachshund?

A: If your dog is a standard dachshund check our sizing chart to find the best fit. For reference, we have a 30lb standard doxie that wears a medium size. You likely should not need anything larger than a medium harness for a standard doxie.


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