Can Dogs Have Celery

Can Dogs Have Celery? Don't Give Your Dog Celery Until You Read This!

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Can dogs have celery as a treat? Is celery good for dogs? Is celery bad for dogs? Can puppies eat celery?

All good questions, but there's more than one answer, and it depends on why you're asking ...

To find the answer best for your dog, keep reading ...

In this post you will learn if celery is good for your dog and why you may want to try giving him or her some.

Do you want to know if dogs can have celery because you are worried about your dogs health?

Short answer: Yes, your dog can have a little bit of celery as a treat or snack. Just make sure it's cut into small pieces so she doesn't choke on it.

Better answer: Dogs stomachs are not designed to get maximum nutrients from vegetables like celery! 

Your dog's stomach is designed to get the nutrients he/she needs in a simple way. Dogs have a hard time getting the nutrients out of foods like celery.

 This is the opposite of other animals like cows. Cows stomachs are designed to slowly get the nutrients they need from grass.

A dog would starve to death eating a cow's diet because their stomachs do not work the same way.

Do you want to know if dogs can eat celery because your dog already ate some and you want to know if she is gonna be ok?

If you dropped some celery and your dog grabbed it faster than greased lightning there's no need to worry.

The biggest thing to worry about with celery is choking. As long as she doesn't choke on the celery then all is good.

The celery will even act like a bit of a toothbrush for your dog.

Do you want to know if your dog can have celery because you are having some and your dog is begging and you feel bad?

If you're like me, you probably feel bad when you are eating a snack and Mr. Furpants is begging for a bite.

It's normal to feel like this when our dogs beg for food. But it's best to understand why dogs beg in the first place.

Your dog may not be satisfied from his / her current food that you are giving. Most store bought dog foods do not have the nutrition that your dog needs to be healthy and happy.

Even though you may have fed your dog it is still possible that he or she is hungry from a simple lack of nutrients.

Your dog may just want to share in whatever you are doing because she loves you and wants to be a part of what you are doing. 

Your dog will still love you if you don't give in and share a celery treat with her..I promise.

Do you want to know if celery is bad or good for dogs to settle an argument?

If you are arguing with someone over whether or not celery is good for dogs to eat and you said yes then you win the argument. 

Celery is safe for dogs to eat....BUT ... celery for dogs is not a "superfood".

Most of the nutrients in celery that are good for humans won't ever get into your dog's system and give her any benefits.

Celery is safe for dogs and it makes an ok dog treat, but it should not be used as a substitute or supplement for your dog's natural diet.

Don't Take Chances With Your Dog's Diet!

I know it makes dog lovers like you feel good to give our dog treats and snacks of human food.

But if your dog has a proper diet, he or she won't need healthy treats. Your dog can be fully satisfied with his or her diet in just a few minutes a day.

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